I am a multidisciplinary creator with a background in fashion, art, and creative direction. Recent work includes wearable sculptures and cast forms which convey a feeling of floating and time stopped.  As a native New Yorker, organic movement has been a driving source of inspiration behind my work. My process reflects the juxtaposition between ethereal biotic flow and layering of texture.  This ever-growing and evolving work explores that tension. The pieces are meant to confuse you, enthrall you and bring you into a surreal vision frozen in time.


Kim Mesches is an artist, designer, and stylist living in New York City. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Kim launched his career as Head Designer for a high-end evening wear brand before consulting to many leading brands in the industry: from design to production, from creative direction to styling. 
One of Kim’s artistic explorations, fluid cast resin sculptures that appear frozen in time, caught the immediate attention of key fashion stylists. These ethereal creations, commissioned by talent such as Marina Abramovic, Ashley Graham, Cardi B and Normani as one-of-a-kind molded garments, launched a merging of art and fashion.

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