I am multidisciplinary creator with a background in fashion, art, and creative direction. Recent work includes wearable sculptures and cast forms which convey a feeling of floating and time stopped.  As a native New Yorker, organic movement has been a driving source of inspiration behind my work. My process reflects the juxtaposition between ethereal biotic flow and layering of texture.  This ever-growing and evolving work explores that tension. The pieces are meant to confuse you, enthrall you and bring you into a surreal vision frozen in time.


Kim Mesches is an artist/designer, and stylist in New York City represented by Atelier Management. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Kim accepted a position as Head Designer for a high end evening wear brand, sold in many boutiques all over the US, including Saks Fifth Ave.  He has experience in overseeing all parts of the design process from conception to production both domestic and international. After working on the design side, Kim launched his own small womenswear line that he sold on Amazon.com and in boutiques in NYC. While working as a designer, he started to consult for startup apparel brands.  Through this process, he started working as a stylist on photoshoots. To date he has worked as a stylist with brands ranging from Ralph Lauren to WESC on everything from lifestyle to e-commerce to editorials.

Currently he works NYC as an artist creating avant garde pieces, represented by REP NYC


Press/Stylist Inquiries email kimmesches@rep-agency.com

Email: kim@kimmesches.com

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